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Data Mining Services

Anything in CRM Data Mining / Email List Building / CRM Admin tasks and Data Research!

15 Million Companies
40 Million Executives
10,000+ Unique Industries
All 50 US States and Canada

Struggling to find new business? Looking forward to increasing your number of qualified leads?

You’ve reached the right place, allow us to give you the best B2B customer intelligence through our on-demand list building services. Within days, you will have hundreds of relevant companies and contacts at the tip of your fingers with the help of our On-Demand Customer data for lead generation, sales development, and sales research activities.

Our Manual Data Mining services can help you reach out to your clients faster, Data Zen has what you need to maximize your marketing and sales returns!


Industry Expertise

Data Zen offers more than a decade of experience in researching markets, businesses, and technologies. Our research experts have rich experience in key sectors such as retail, chemicals, manufacturing, industrials, and packaging.

Research Capabilities

With Data Zen‘s research capabilities, you get access to verified databases and a wide range of research and support across complexity levels. Strategic partnership with fieldwork agencies along with sector experts will make your project execution simple and productive.

Enhance In-market Effectiveness

We help you enhance your in-market effectiveness with accurate research and analysis. Our research aims at improving the quality and precision of your marketing decisions and help you stay up-to-date with market trends and financial performance analysis.

Outcome-driven Strategies

Detailed evaluation of new untapped opportunities enables you to expand your market presence and build a strong competitive positioning. Our research and intelligent analysis assist you in forming global strategies and executing them for business growth.


What is Data mining services? Data mining services is a process that ensures hygiene and cleansing of the data your business is thriving on. Data mining is compiling or extracting data from online and offline resources.

According to George Labovitz and Yu Sang Chang’s 1-10-100 rule, it costs only $1 if businesses to adopt data mining services proactively. Once the data has entered the system and mixed with the processes, it might cost them $10, and if they choose to do nothing, it may result in losses worth $100. 

This is why you would like to be on the right side of data and base your insights on standardised and verified information. Take the guesswork and noise out of generating B2B leads and cut the clutter with proven data mining services! 

Why Data Zen

There are few of many reasons that companies of all sizes trust Datazen to build databases for their campaigns.


The quality of the contact data is well above industry average and our sales development teams have seen great success tapping into new geos using lead data from Data Zen.

Mark W


Data quality and precision helped us achieve and outperform our prospecting activity. Will surely get back again next quarter

Abhas S
Abhas S

Founder, Creators Club

Data Coverage

We needed a specialised dataset to launch a campaign. I was approached by Data Zen at the right moment having tried other providers without any success. Data Zen rose to the challenge and provided us with a reliable dataset that met our criteria and allowed us to take on a campaign that we would otherwise have had to drop.

Matthew N

CMO, QSR Energy

Fair pricing

Data zen is great to work with and always produced the results we wanted. They are fair with their pricing & always wanted to make sure we get the value for our investment.

Ryan G

CEO, Buckedup

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