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Why To Choose Us?

We Help You Reach the Contacts That Matter

15 Million Companies
40 Million Executives
10,000+ Unique Industries
All 50 US States and Canada

Small team. Big vision.

We are a small team of software engineers, data scientists and market research experts building the best-in-class data for sales, marketing, private equity, recruiting and more. Join us in this journey and share your feedback.

At Data Zen, we understand the needs of customers, because our framework is optimized to fulfill customer’s expectations. Data Zen is committed to deliver high quality business data that is pre verified using the best in-house business technology. Data Zen’s business solutions are customized for addressing targeted client concerns. Every solution is designed with challenges in scope. Our prospecting strategy focuses on enhancing the accuracy and retention rates.

A bit about us.

We are building a continuously improving data engine for company and contact data that can be leveraged by teams in sales, marketing, recruiting, private equity, market research, equity research and corporate development among others. Applying state-of-the-art technologies like big data mining, natural language processing, machine learning and AI, we intend to forever change the old way of creating company and contact databases. Our continuous data engine is at the core, helping us solve problems that are not possible with any other data providers. We are based in Elizabeth, New Jersey and Bangalore, India and serve customers around the world. Contact us today to discuss your data challenges.




Improve marketability with high quality business data.

Customer profiling is accurate and simple as ABC

Smart management and optimization of in-house database.

Successful And Well-Timed Delivery Of Business Data.

Simple Process

Fast Response


We Start With Your Requirements

Regardless if this is your first data purchase or if you are familiar with the process, the most important step is collecting your data requirements. Every data request has unique needs depending on your business, your purpose for acquiring data, and how you intend to use it. There are lots of different data points available about each company and a large variety of ways to filter that information.

To streamline this process, we have prepared important questions that help us find the right data for you. Your dedicated and experienced Data Advisor guides you through the steps of gathering your requirements—suggesting optimizations where necessary—to get you exactly what you need without having to study the industry codes yourself.

Assistance In Finding The Right

We customize every list to ensure you receive the right contacts. Narrowing down your selection to only the most relevant records gives you higher quality data and a better chance of success with your campaign.

Data Zen is satisfaction-driven. We don’t push quantity, but rather focus on providing quality data with specific records at an affordable price. Whether you want all of a company’s contacts or only the highest executive, your list will be customized to meet your needs. You can easily focus and customize data by industry (SIC and NAICS), location, sales volume, job titles, employee count, and more.

You will receive a report of available records matching your requirements with a summary by region and industry. Before you decide to purchase, we provide a sample list so you can verify that the right records have been found. We will continue to update your target until you are completely satisfied.

Why Data Zen

There are few of many reasons that companies of all sizes trust Data Zen to build databases for their campaigns.


The quality of the contact data is well above industry average and our sales development teams have seen great success tapping into new geos using lead data from Data Zen.

Mark W


Data quality and precision helped us achieve and outperform our prospecting activity. Will surely get back again next quarter

Abhas S
Abhas S

Founder, Creators Club

Data Coverage

We needed a specialised dataset to launch a campaign. I was approached by Data Zen at the right moment having tried other providers without any success. Data Zen rose to the challenge and provided us with a reliable dataset that met our criteria and allowed us to take on a campaign that we would otherwise have had to drop.

Matthew N

CMO, QSR Energy

Fair pricing

Data zen is great to work with and always produced the results we wanted. They are fair with their pricing & always wanted to make sure we get the value for our investment.

Ryan G

CEO, Buckedup

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